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J Fab Consulting experts have over 20 years of consulting experience with a focus on driving operational efficiency and business process improvements. Transformation efforts include establishing Program Management Offices, standardizing and streamlining operations, agile and scrum for transformations, and developing requirements and IT tools. Experts have experience leading large and small consulting projects and driving and implementing the desired changes to business processes, operations, metrics, IT systems, training, and policies. Clients include aerospace, federal government, state government, finance, healthcare, and other commercial businesses.

J Fab Consulting is woman-owned and is a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE).

How J Fab Consulting Can Help

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Our Services

J Fab Consulting can diagnose your business problem, no matter how small or large, and determine the next steps needed for improvement.​ J Fab Consulting can also support and steer larger transformations. Whether the solution needed is a short term or long term project, consulting for a startup, a local operation, national operational, or international business operation, J Fab Consulting can help. See the explanations below for more information on just some of J Fab Consulting's service areas offered.

Sigma Six Blackbelt

Experience driving operational improvements and transformations for the federal government, aerospace, and healthcare industries. Projects range from IT, process improvements, and shop floor improvements driving savings ranging from smaller savings to an estimated $300 million in savings and cost avoidance. Experience with world-wide IT and process transformations based on six sigma black belt and lean methodologies as well as smaller robotic process automations (RPA) and automation and streamlining using other applications.

PMO Establishment

Experience establishing Program Management Offices (PMO) for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of State. This includes developing the implementation plans to establish the PMO, business process re-engineering and standardization of operations, IT requirements development and implementation, training, and change management aspects.

Key Metrics & Performance Indicators

Experience evaluating and defining key metrics and performance indicators for manufacturing processes, business processes, automated processes and other operations in order to diagnose improvement areas as well as demonstrate operational improvements.

Program Management

Experience managing programs and transformations related to IT and operations, ranging from smaller projects to national and international business processes.​ Experience developing portfolio management processes and systems for project evaluation and project and portfolio management.

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